About PTB

I'm Lindsey Gallagher, the owner and designer at
Watching this concept evolve over the years and uniting the fit community has been such a gift. I'm a wife, mom, makeup artist, designer, NPC figure competitor, business owner...and a 
PART TIME BADASS® trying to balance it all!
I entered the fitness world being overweight, 210lbs at my heaviest. I was told at the doctor that I was borderline obese. I remember sitting in my car in the parking lot crying. How did I let myself get to this point? I tried a bunch of fad diets and top weightloss programs over the years that promised results. I've been up and down with my weight over the years and addicted to the scale. I was the quick fix queen, addicted to cardio. I was over training and under eating, which was sabotaging and punishing my body without fueling it properly.
Fast forward to 8 years later to where I am today. The lessons that I've learned, and continue to learn throughout this fit journey are ones that I will forever be grateful for. They have changed my life forever. I have a whole new relationship with food and the scale. Everything I eat has a purpose toward my goals. It's sad to think that at one point of my life food was thought of as the enemy?!
My incredible trainer Steve Kornfeld opened my eyes and reprogrammed my mentality, proving that if used the right foods at the right time I would see the results that I was chasing after. Steve taught me to use food as fuel for my workouts, and fat loss comes as a bonus. I went from a size 14 to a size 2 with him by my side...and the journey continues. What I didn't realize was the change that would happen in my soul. I found strength that I never knew I was capable of. Self love and appreciation that goes way past the reflection I see in the mirror. I no longer am a slave to the scale. I took back my power.
I'm so grateful for all of the knowledgeable people that have been put in my path that helped to mold me into the person I am today. The unconditional love and support of my husband and daughter mean the absolute world to me. 
The PART TIME BADASS® concept evolved throughout my fitness journey and being inspired by all of you on your journey's as well. For me, training is not only about lifting weights. It's a lot deeper than that. The empowering feeling that comes over me the second I walk in to the gym & break free. I take any stresses of everyday life and channel it into energy for my workout giving it everything I've got....BADASS! The BEAUTY of being a PART TIME BADASS® is that as soon as I leave the gym I'm back to mom mode, wife mode, work mode, whatever mode I need to be in feeling stronger, empowered & focused on what needs to be done. Are YOU a PART TIME BADASS®? Unleash your inner BADASS!